Companies Failure to Implement A Basic Project Management Methodology – Part 2

This is the part 2 of the 2 part series “Companies Failure to Implement A Basic Project Management Methodology”

The importance of benchmark: How others made it best on their course for implementation of a PM methodology

Without any reference you cannot set up your benchmark that you want to achieve. Any process is troubled unless the leader know where they want to go and where they are right now. Organizations should consider feedback in order to acknowledge whether the performance is in composition with the industry. Sometimes at the strategic level organizations forgot to benchmark their performance. It is always important to look at the best performers. Organizations should aware of the way they succeeded to the top; to learn from their past experience and to make sure they can avoid any undesired mistakes. For starting implementing a project management methodology without paying attention to the best performers can lead to more encountered problems and mistakes that can prove time consuming and costly. Such approach can lead nowhere. So, it is good to get some knowledge about the around world. Organizations should therefore take a picture of the around business world and then place itself in the broader picture. A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities amp; Threats (SWOT) analysis should be conducted as a first step to set some objectives and to set the куплю пластиковых окон model to follow.

When the “target” is secured, an in depth analysis can be run to see what the quantitative limitation look like for the organization. At this point it is extremely important for the people doing the comparative analysis to establish appropriate standards for interpreting the performances for a particular project at a given Company. Normal standards can normally be followed in the analysis: earned value techniques, time schedule baseline vs. actual implementation time etc. Certainly, other standards can be predicted. In order to keep the analysis as simple as possible, a minimum and most relevant set of parameters must be established.

Thus, benchmarking works fine if a top down approach from the executives to the PM level occur.

Some of these parameters should be observed and dissected in small pieces for a thorough understanding before using them as standards for the organization. Companies frequently ignore the importance of benchmarking and they struggle or go astray as a result. It should be told that a correction at the beginning of process can be more easily done than later. Because at later stage the processes are linked to each other and as a result the organization follows rules and methodology in error or in a wrong direction.

It would be useful for more companies to accept the rule and practice of benchmarking as a strategic tool for setting ground rules and tactical measures when it comes to PM methodology..

The article presented was aimed to show some of the major drawbacks that companies sometimes face when trying to implement a new or better PM methodology. The damage starts with the matrix structure misinterpretation and then can evolve through the lack of PMO. It happens especially when the organizations ignore the importance of benchmarking. The situation is less severe for organizations at the starting point on the course of PM methodology and worse for those already on the way.

So, in conclusion we can say that the damage is starts primarily through the wrongly designed matrix structure. Then it goes ahead without the inception of PMO. At last the project methodology fails for not determining the benchmark in context of the organization. online pokies

PMP Exam Content

Exam content reflects the knowledge areas and processes based on the PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition

The nine PMBOK® Knowledge Areas contain a total of 42 processes which are applied to five basic process groups. These five basic process groups, which are common across all projects, are listed below along with the percentage of questions one should expect on the PMP exam:

  • Initiating (11%)
  • Planning (23%)
  • Executing (27%)
  • Controlling and Monitoring (21%)
  • Closing (9%)
  • Questions regarding Professional and Social Responsibility make up 9% of the exam

As noted above, the PMP exam content includes questions on the overall Project Management Framework and Professional Responsibility. The actual exam is offered in both a computer based testing (CBT) environment, as well as through proctored paper-based exams.

PMP Exam Format

The PMP exam is designed to objectively assess and measure project management knowledge. Concepts covered in the PMP exam are directly derived from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide. The PMBOK® Guide is an internationally recognized standard (IEEE Std 1490-2003) which outlines project management fundamentals; and is applicable to a wide range of industries.

  • There are 200 total multiple choice questions which make up the PMP exam
  • 25 randomly placed “pre-test questions” are included, and do not count towards the pass/fail determination
  • Individuals have 4 hours to complete the exam
  • Individuals must score 61% or higher to pass the exam (106 of 175 questions)

Strategic Project Portfolio Gives China a Competitive Edge

The Shanghai Expo 2010 isn’t just about putting on a great show for 180 days. It embodies a large-scale program, especially in terms of the economic and political synergy it created for a developing country.

Like the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the expo is a collection of projects whose collective purpose benefited the nation and fulfilled the government’s strategic objectives.

The expo and the Olympics were part of a national portfolio aimed at achieving countrywide political objectives for boosting the economy. Both were planned and executed with the intent to cultivate high-tech skills and knowledge aimed at ensuring growth and competitiveness in the future.

For example, the Chinese government required every contractor carrying out individual projects to employ Chinese workers, including certified project managers. This has ensured that enough skilled workers necessary for national development have been trained.

By the end of 2009, the number of PMI certified project managers in China was 29,414 — the second-largest number in the world.

The physical legacy these programs left is also notable.

Unlike games or exhibitions hosted by developed countries, both the expo and the Olympics were accompanied by massive infrastructure developments — and not just the renovation or improvement of existing facilities. The Shanghai Expo re-developed areas in decline, and brought infrastructure and facilities to previously undeveloped areas.

Apart from the huge venues, China built airports, restaurants, hotels and 11 high-speed railways. Development plans also incorporated expanding and improving the service industry of Shanghai.

These projects, combined with the outcome of other national programs and projects, help advance the government’s goal of growing and developing the national economy.

“Projects produce deliverables; programs output benefits so as to sustain, advance or achieve organizational objectives; while portfolios ensure the alignment of the diverse objectives and independence of programs and projects to organizational strategic objectives,” according to page six of The Standard for Portfolio Management.

And that’s exactly what the Shanghai Expo 2010 did.

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Strategic Project Portfolio Gives China a Competitive Edge

Where Project Management Rigor Meets Flexibility

In my last post, I described the challenges of maintaining project management rigor in an environment where people are primarily in creative service roles. It appears I hit a chord. A few of you have commented and want to know how I’ve handled the situation.

Well, first I will say that I believe we will never reach 100 percent compliance with the project management standards you’d expect to find at NASA or a construction site. Creative work is not an exact science and it requires some very non-linear thought and approaches. It can be very hard to pin down a repeatable formula for executing these kinds of projects.

If there are specific tasks you cannot predict or that don’t fit into a prescribed methodology, people tend to simply operate by intuition. The first thing you need to do is to look for the wins. Where in the process can you continue to provide rigor and discipline to help keep the project within boundaries, while avoiding the appearance of overly constraining your teams?

We have done this by creating as flexible a methodology as we can. As a whole, it closely follows the tenets set forth in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). The software development life cycle serves as a foundation: planning, discovery, design, build, test, implement, support, rinse and repeat.

The difference comes in our application. For any given project — whether it’s a marketing e-mail, interactive web banners, mobile applications or full site development — we have fundamental requirements that don’t change. All projects must have a timeline, for instance. And all projects must have a scope, a set of requirements approved and reviewed throughout to ensure we’re on target.

Beyond that, it’s the diner’s choice: Does a four-week e-mail project require a formal matrix of approvers? Probably not, though it would help to have a short list of final approvers. Does an interactive banner need a content matrix or a formal technical architecture? It all depends on what the team needs.

How has your organization tailored its project management approach to account for the unique needs of its project teams?

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Where Project Management Rigor Meets Flexibility

I Wish I Had

It’s embarrassing how easily we slip back into former (bad) habits and how quickly we lose sight of our firmest resolutions. Perhaps if I go public once again with my resolutions, I can shame myself into adhering to them a little more faithfully.

Last March, I blogged about career success and mentioned some resolutions I had made after I had been laid off more than a year previously. I revealed having written a page of resolutions called, “I Wish I Had.” Many people asked for a copy, so here it is, along with my renewed commitment to all it says.

I Wish I Had
I worked for my employer for exactly 24 years and 5 months when I was told that I was being laid off.

Companies Failure to Implement A Basic Project Management Methodology: Part 1

This is the part one of the 2 part series of “Companies Failure to Implement A Basic Project Management Methodology”. Project Management is now become an extremely important topic for discussion and it assumes that this trend will increase even further in the future. The Project Manager is a professional individual who has gained sustained and strong credentials throughout the world. Like individuals, organizations try to adjust and improve their behavior for better image in the market. They are also keen to follow methodologies, procedures, rules, and tactics in order to become existing actors in certain fields of project management application and in the marketplace. There are some major problems of how companies try to implement project management methodologies. Wrongly design the matrix structure of the organization At present, with the continuous buzz around concepts like Project Management, Program Management, and Project Management Office, organizations have understood that they must quickly embrace their strategic vision to the latest breakthrough before any other respected competitor does so. In this disorder of organizational changes, companies can be easily misled in a wrong direction if their strategic plans and organizational structures are not examined by professional experts with proven abilities related to re-engineering and restructuring. Companies have spotted out that the matrix structure is the most convenient deal for combining operations and project implementation. Consultant, or in some many cases managers from inside the companies, have dealt with some of these topics. In many cases, however, people with less skills and abilities were appointed to run the business whether or not they were educated and trained. Organizational structures were altered to make entities smaller and more profitable within certain companies. It is only the case of implementation of profit-cost centers; no matter what and when at any level. Then major conflicts and inconsistency occurred when the new born structures, in fact tried to help the organization, proved in the end to be a major drawback, even when the company had thought its project structure was based on a their matrix concept. It is not

difficult to understand that when each individual entity is running after its own goals in terms of profitability, the synergistic actions may be very unlikely to maintain their projects on the good track. Having the power of a single and genuine Project Manager lessened and shared with other Project Managers from supporting departments leads to a double conflict. It leads to a situation despite that normally taking place between the PM and the Functional Managers. Usually the Project Manager must need the services from the Engineering Department (for basic and detailed design), from the Procurement Department (for administer the orders and gods payment) and also from the Logistics Department (for transporting goods to the site) and all these adjoin to the expenses under budget execution. It is by far more complicated and difficult for a Project Manager to be responsible and accountable for the results within a certain project when he must cope up with such an organizational mess. Everyone is eager to see the financial improvement on their side rather than general interest deriving from the

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project implementation. The Project Manager in charge of project implementation must thus face tight budgetary constraints and needs to settle

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more than necessary with supporting entities, exactly those people who should be assigned within the project team. These sorts of Companies do not understand that the only person in charge, as per the Project Charter, to run project business should be the Project Manager from the Project Management Department. Other individuals should support and give the utmost to this person for the project sake. The bottom line is then making the road to project Prov deg pa en gyllen med 5 linjer og 3 hjul som har evnen til a gi deg en ekte casinofolelse. failure, or at least an extremely rocky road, is now paved for our Project Manager. The power weakens due to the sharing with other artificial project managers on the same level. Thus the divergent interest among functional departments in their permanent endeavor is to maximize their own profit instead of working for project success. Less Concern about the knowledge of PMO (Project Management Office) Inexperienced managers of companies who want to

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take a step toward project methodology implementation inside the organizational culture should either establish a project management office or hire experienced consultants. This project management office must be in the

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upper level of project management department. Inexplicably, some organizations either at the beginning of their PM methodology cycle or at a later stage pay no attention to the importance of a PMO. This should be the core of any enterprise in project management methodology. PMO is the storehouse of all kinds of past history and lessons learned out, templates, procedures, and so on. A better insight can be given by a PMO, but organizations are not always mature enough to understand their acute need for such office. At the beginning of project management methodology implementation, for example, it could be less costly in terms of money spent. It needs less time to get a group of skilled individuals within a PMO to start top-down operation of experience and expertise. It can start as a pilot project and then, based on success, use to upcoming projects. Organizations which do not have a PMO in the structure should better think about before proceeding on experimental basis without it and with the complicated structure. It is surely more comfortable to get to help Project

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Managers and to make the project successes. Organizations try to perceive establishing a PMO as

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a money spending exercise rather than thinking beyond the short term costs of setting and maintaining this expertise center within the Company. When judging on a short term basis and not being able to see the pay offs on the course of Project or Program implementation, it might happen that the companies will not see the image of full benefits. So, from early stage, one can be more interested in no sacrifice to obtain the benefits of implementing a PMO.

A Project Manager’s Call to Action

Apart from the challenge of letting go of my 18-year-old “baby,” I was thrilled and proud to bring my son to the Rochester Institute of Technology, a university in Rochester, New York, USA last week. At orientation for first year students, James Miller, PhD, senior vice president for career services, invited the 2,650 new students gathered there to create an education and a life that included three critical elements: balance, passion and making a difference.

What better message could there be for these young people, and for the rest of us as well?

Ultimately, project managers are committed to making a difference. It doesn”t matter whether the project is solving a problem or filling a need, building a bridge, or creating new software that will do a job better, faster and easier. The goal of project management is always to make things work and work well. And that makes a difference — in people”s lives, communities, schools and environment.

Passion is another element

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that we love to see in Melden Sie sich noch heute bei Quasar Gaming an und spielen Sie die besten Novomatic- im Internet. our profession. Who among us wouldn”t prefer to work on a team with people who won”t stop until things get done and get done right? These are the people who are profoundly

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connected to, and engaged in, the outcome of the project. They keep the big picture in mind, too, and

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know that what they do is valued, important and worthwhile.

And then there”s balance, the ultimate key to self-actualization and satisfaction in life and in work. Giving back — when many of us have so much — is a key part of

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a balanced existence. I love the way more and more organizations in the United States are excusing their people from work to do community service. I”m also inspired by the way many project managers serve as mentors to those entering the profession or in the process of earning a Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential.

Balance, passion and making a difference. These three elements can and should be a project manager”s call to action. What we

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wake up for, what we see as our purpose in life, and what we keep in front of us as a guidepost will continually challenge and inspire us — as well as those around us. I hope my son will learn this as his first academic lesson. And may it last a lifetime.

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A Project Manager”s Call to Action

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most widely used personality assessment instrument in the world.

It is a test that asks people how they usually feel or act in particular situations. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator sketches out our preferences for four categories of focus:

1. Introvert vs. Extrovert (Favorite world) — Your preference focusing on your inner world, or on the outer world. Extroverted persons are outgoing, friendly, and confident. Introverts are quiet and shy. 2. Sensing vs. Intuitive (Information) — Your preference focusing on basic information or focusing on adding value and interpretation. Sensing types are realistic and prefer routine and order. They focus on details. Intuitive rely on unconscious process and look at big picture. 3. Thinking vs. Feeling (Decisions) — Your preference to focus

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on logic and consistency first, or focusing first on people and circumstances. Thinking types utilize reason and logic to tackle problems. Feeling types depend on their personal values and emotions. 4. Judging vs. Perceiving (Structure) — Your preference to get things decided

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and to closure, or keeping room for new information and possibilities. Judging types want to be in charge

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of and prefer their world to be ordered and structured. Perceiving types are more flexible and spontaneous. Any person can do within all eight. The indicator only recognizes our preferences — where we go first and where we would attempt to focus. Finding our preferences inserts to our self-awareness. It is one more way to help manage our life and our business. If we know our preferences, we can keep our energy up and lessen our stress level. That makes the Myers-Briggs a personal productivity tool. An introvert, who has a day of meetings, can schedule private time to regroup. An extrovert, who has a day of paperwork to get through, can schedule in a break to touch base with clients or colleagues. It is very usual that sometimes we get very bored doing our jobs. One question may arise then in our mind. That is “How might we change our work day based only on what we know about ourselves?” So, this is very important to know ourselves, our personality types. MBTI is

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proved in this case most effective. This may be done as a means of determining a person”s personality traits, the hopes of helping them either compensate for lacking skill sets in certain areas. It also helps in learning about the best ways in which their life or jobs can suit their type. Job counselors, employers, empowerment groups, marriage or couples’ counselors may utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Many psychologists strongly oppose the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as having faulty results and little. Finally, in this case, a project manager easily gets an idea about his employees. He also gets a clear image of himself. That will help to know his work process. So, if he is a thinker, then he should collect data to make his decision. On the other hand, if he is feeler

he uses his activity report to proceed to the projects ahead. In the introduction stage of the career, a project manager may feel problem about career guidance. At first, he should know his personality type. It is sure that your personality affects so much of your

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work style. Taking the Myers Brigg test you can easily find out your work preferences. This will help you to sort out your strength and weakness. Then it will help you to take decision whether you take the project or do not take. When you find you in a specific type, it will be easy for you to decide how you participate with the other team member of your project. It will finally increase you self awareness and provide career guidance.

Six Sigma and Project Management are a Perfect Combination

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) became an accepted standard (as established by the Project Management Institute). This is still widely used in many industries around the world. At a primary level, PMBOK and Six Sigma have a common base. Both try to establish a sound plan; spot and converse with stakeholders; accomplish regular reviews; and handle schedule, cost, and resources.

Six Sigma is a complementary methodology that is integrated

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into and replaces the existing methodological ways of determining, analyzing, and resolving or avoiding problems. It serves the purpose of achieving business and customer requirements objectively and methodically. Six Sigma can be used to operational management issues. It can also support strategic management development and implementation directly. Six Sigma”s set of tools are more broadly appropriate than those normally applied within typical project management. Six Sigma is more problem solving oriented rather than attempting to control probable causes of failure on a project-by-project basis.

Six Sigma is a project management scheme or process of improvement programme. It is more than that because it includes cultural and

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statistical methodologies through a continuous development strategy and process. Six Sigma is balancing with existing project management programmes and standards but differs in significant ways. The objectives of both methods seek to lessen failures, check defects; control costs and schedules, and deal with risk. Usually, professional project management attempts to achieve these goals by encouraging best practices on a project-by-project basis. Many project management methods have resulted into failure. This is because the effectiveness of the accepted methodology couldn’t measure by the project management team. They also not compute the value added by the process changes through the project completion. In this case, Six Sigma gives a controlled data-driven methodology with tools and techniques that companies can utilize to measure their performance. This also permits managers to obtain their projects to new levels of discipline and comprehensive dedication. It is a good thing for a project manager not to do Six Sigma halfheartedly. Six Sigma is not for amateurs. You can”t implement it little by little. If you”re in,

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you have to be in deep, and you have to be in for the long time. Yet again, the level of commitment gets every person concerned and keeps them concerned and this commitment guide to far reaching change in the process of project management. Six Sigma ensures project success and customer satisfaction by adjusting the project environment and increasing project quality. The project success through consistent progress and superior results are some of the benefits got by following the Six Sigma principles. The world most successful companies use it to develop their project management quality. An expert may show the stuffs how to use the Six Sigma process and the approach of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). This approach helps to find performance gaps and produce successful outcomes. Directors and VPs of project management and senior project and program managers should attend Six Sigma. Basic project management skills are required. All the methodologies do have their benefits; the Six Sigma offers the most benefits. It is because Six Sigma is not limited to achieve just the predetermined quality levels. So, when a project manager uses Six Sigma in his/her project, she/he get the success beyond the target. At last, one area where businesses need to be particularly vigilant is project management, because even a small slip or calculation error can easily weaken the success of the project. In order to ensure that maximum

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benefits are grasped, businesses need to combine Project Management with Six Sigma using the standard DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) process. When DMAIC is used for Project Management, the possibility of failures and joblessness is reduced substantially. In typical project management, organizations proceed to a project without fully knowing what the financial gains might be. Six Sigma has a solid control phase (DMAIC) that formulates specific measurements, spots specific problems, and provides specific solutions that can be measured. Thus it helps to find a way toward organizational and cultural growth, but it’s not just a set of tools- it’s more than that. So, the success of the project management depends on how project managers use Six Sigma and when they use it. This depends on their traits fully. Finally, it should be very comprehensible for project manager how important the Six Sigma operation is. Knowing Six Sigma enables anyone to get an analytical ability and the ability to organize the project measuring output or expectations in terms of numbers. That’s all for this article on PMP Blog. Stay connected to get more articles on Project Management.